Family Office Consulting

Pepper International is a family office located in New York City that serves families around the globe. Pepper International provides comprehensive family office services, including money management, socially responsible investing, generational planning, tax planning, philanthropy, and education for all family members.

Pepper International creates asset allocation plans, selects money managers, and monitors all investments. The firm works with top global experts, including money managers, accountants and attorneys, and oversees all of these professionals on behalf of the family. Family office services are offered on an advisory basis, which means that families make the ultimate decision in all matters.

In addition to monitoring all investments, Pepper International will help the family oversee the creation of estate plans, evaluate the appropriateness of all vehicles and domiciles for investments, and will make sure that all elements of the family's wealth management plans are integrated.

Pepper International is paid only by the family and receives no compensation from any of the service providers that are selected, so its business model remains free from conflicts of interest.