Values & Benefits

Pepper International was founded by Carol Pepper in 2001 to help families gain greater control over their wealth. Carol spent over 25 years in the wealth management industry, and based on her extensive experience, she came to believe that families should expect more from their experts.  As a trusted advisor, she is guided by values that produce important benefits for her clients.

The first duty of a trusted advisor is to keep all client information in strict confidence. Carol acts directly as a trusted advisor to her clients - she personally maintains client confidentiality.  This allows her to be the one person, outside of the family, who knows the full picture and can advise the family on strategy. Providing confidentiality creates a relationship where deep trust can grow.
A trusted advisor must help clients understand all of the information related to their wealth.  Whether producing clear consolidated reporting of assets or explaining a complex legal structure, Carol’s makes sure that her families completely understand their choices.  Financial decisions are full of tradeoffs. Carol clears the confusion and presents options in the context of the family’s long term goals. This leads to a clear vision for the family of their risks, opportunities and choices.
A trusted advisor should have no conflicts of interest with clients. Carol is paid only by her clients to give them advice. She does not receive a portion of the fees charged by any expert or money manager who is introduced to help the family. This integrity of operations leads to success for the family, who can count on Carol since her best interest is their best interest.

Carol also believes that:  

Families should remain in control of their wealth
  • Families should be able to have a completely customized solution for their wealth management needs
  • Families should have full transparency on the fees they are paying
  • Families should be able to have a private view of their entire asset base
  • Families should have complete knowledge of any conflicts of interest that their experts may have so they can understand what motivates the advice they are receiving
  • Families should have a clear understanding of the risks they are taking when they invest
Families should be able to align their values and interests completely with their wealth management plans
  • Families should be able to express their values and interests to their wealth advisors and receive plans that reflect those values
  • Families should be able to understand their investments and plans after explanations from the experts
  • Families have a right to expect honesty, integrity and transparency from their expert advisors