Carol Pepper, CEO & Founder
Pepper International

Press Inquires:
Jonathan Goldberg

Due to the large numbers of manager inquiries, Pepper International has set up an investment process to organize  information on all managers, and individual transactions.

Step One:  Send Information to the Investment Committee
All investment opportunity information, from venture capital, through funds, to manager strategies, should be sent to the Investment Committee via email to  All information received is entered in the Pepper International Investment Database. If you send out monthly or quarterly updates, please use this address.  You will receive an automatic response to your email so you can confirm that it has been received.  Please be assured that all credible investment proposals are entered into the database.  You will not be personally contacted unless we have a specific interest in your product, but that does not mean we are not tracking your fund or investment.  

Step Two: Selection for further review
Pepper International invests in a variety of investments.  We favor funds with ten year track records and/or over $100 million in AUM, unless they are part of a larger fund organization.  Once investment opportunities are selected according to Pepper International’s priorities and interests, the Investment Committee contacts the investment managers with the Pepper International DDQ (Due Diligence Questionnaire). Meetings with Pepper International are arranged only after the DDQ responses are analyzed.

Step Three:  Detailed Due Diligence

Meetings between investment managers and Carol Pepper occur after a fund or opportunity has been selected for further due diligence and are not arranged outside of this process. Thank you for sending information only to and not to Carol Pepper directly, unless she personally requests you to do so.

Pepper International keeps a database of all credible product and service providers.  Please send your information electronically to  Please rest assured we will keep your information on file and we will contact you should we have a need for your services.