Family Office Consulting

Pepper International reviews all existing asset allocation plans and money management relationships. If needed, the firm will select new investment mangers in all investment categories. Pepper International negotiates price reductions from service providers wherever possible. The firm then monitors all portfolios and provides consolidated reporting.


Asset Allocation
Pepper International begins by creating an asset allocation strategy that is the target mix of cash, bonds, equities and alternative investments for each family member and each entity (such as a trust or a partnership). This asset allocation plan reflects the risk tolerance, return expectation and time horizon of the investor.
Investment Manager Selection
Once the asset allocation is agreed upon, the firm advises the family on the selection of the appropriate money managers to execute the investment strategy.

Pepper International has a long-standing, diverse network of sources for excellent investment opportunities in all investment categories. The firm works with the top major global brokerage and financial services firms and has close relationships with top global private banks. The firm also has a network of relationships with top alternative investment managers and other family offices. This network provides high quality deal flow in the areas of private equity, hedge funds, real estate and venture capital.
Ongoing Investment Monitoring
Once investments have been selected, Pepper International monitors these investments on a monthly basis. The family office makes sure that the investment managers continue to follow the investment discipline that they presented when they were hired. Each investment is monitored against an appropriate benchmark, and if desired, a customized benchmark is created that helps the family to evaluate the performance of their managers. The family office monitors the overall risks of the investments and alerts the family to any changes that may require the family to reconsider the investment. In addition, the family office monitors general market conditions and risks and helps the family make strategic and tactical changes to investments as the markets change.