Family Office Consulting

In addition to managing the investment aspects for the family, Pepper International oversees all other aspects of wealth management. The firm helps the family to make sure that all aspects are integrated and wealth management decisions are made in a way that addresses legal, tax, estate planning and generational issues simultaneously.


Accounting, Legal, Insurance and Tax Services
Pepper International reviews the family's existing legal, insurance, accounting and tax providers and works with these experts on the family's matters. If a new expert is required, the family office can help the family locate the right professional for the job, thanks to an extensive network of professional contacts. The family office will review estate plans and entities and suggest any changes that might make plans more effective. The family office can facilitate coordination between trustees and beneficiaries. The family office provides oversight of experts in the preparation of all tax returns, working closely with the family's accounting advisors. All insurance plans are reviewed and upgraded as necessary.
Philanthropic Services
Pepper International will help the family review their existing philanthropic vehicles and plans and will assist in the creation of a strategic philanthropy plan. The firm has an extensive network of external experts in grant making, foundation administration and the management of philanthropic assets. Working with these experts, the family office will help the family maximize the effect of all charitable activities.
Next Generation Services
The family office is very familiar with the needs and issues of young inheritors and can help parents educate their children on the subject of wealth management. Pepper International also has a wide network of experts who can assist the family with special needs that might arise. The family office will create an individual strategic plan for each child to help him or her become a responsible and well-adjusted inheritor.
Health and Security Services
The family office can help families identify experts to assist in all matters relating to personal health and family security while at home and while traveling. The family office will coordinate the activities of these experts as required.
Concierge Services
When requested, the family office can assist families when specific projects arise, such as the purchase of art, aircraft or real estate. The family office can help identify agencies that can locate household help around the globe. All concierge needs are fulfilled by best of breed experts who have been carefully screened.