Family Office Consulting

Family Offices outside of the US often find themselves with issues in the US.

A family member may:

  • Marry an American
  • Have children born in the US who are considered US citizens
  • Choose to get a US Green Card or Passport
  • Own a residence in Florida or California
  • Have a Delaware Trust
  • Have a number of portfolios in the US
Specialized Advice
Foreign families involved with the US have tax, compliance, legal and inheritance issues to consider.  At times, the non-US family office may not be able to advise their families on how to handle these issues, either because they lack the resources to do so, or because they have decided, for strategic reasons, that they do not wish to have a presence in the US. 
Outsourced Family Office
Carol Pepper is very familiar with the issues facing families who are involved in the US.  She is available to work with international families and family offices and can act as an outsourced US family office for clients of international family offices.  She has a network of excellent attorneys and tax advisors who can also assist with these issues.