Family Office Consulting

Single Family Offices are often set up after a family sells an operating company business.  Many times, the former CFO of the operating company runs the new family office.  While he or she may be very familiar the accounting and tax needs of the family, often there is a lack of investment expertise with the size of the wealth that has been created.  The new family office head may not be familiar with the best resources available to family offices.

External Chief Investment Officer
Pepper International acts as a cost effective, outsourced Chief Investment Officer for single family offices.  Carol can set up a robust investment process, an investment committee and can help the family invest and control the risk of their liquid investments on an ongoing basis.
Carol also provides a variety of consulting services to single family offices, including:  creating and updating the business plan, setting up consolidated reporting, performing cost analysis, assessing security and investment risks, and undertaking special projects.