Family Office Consulting

Families can hire Pepper International for short-term special projects. It is often helpful to have a new perspective into ongoing operations and cost effective to use an external consultant rather than disrupting the workflow of the office to complete special projects. Examples of areas where Pepper International can help are listed below:

Strategic Planning
Many times family offices have been running for years without a strategic plan, and there is a desire to step back and create a strategic document to guide operations. Or, the office is ready to experience a generational shift as one generation retires and a new generation takes over and decides to puts its mark on the office. Pepper International can assist the ongoing office in creating a strategic plan.

Process Mapping & Cost Analysis
Sometimes the family office is having trouble because its operations are not running smoothly. Mapping the processes of the office can help untangle problems and help the operation move forward again. Once the family understands the types of services that they are purchasing from the office and the costs of each service, an overall assessment of the costs of running the family office can be made much more effectively.
Vendor Review & Technology Review
Family offices may find that they have outgrown their vendors in a particular part of the operation but are unsure how to evaluate potential replacements. The family office also may wish to investigate upgrading the technology used in the office. Pepper International can help families upgrade their service providers.