Family Office Consulting

When two people who love each other decide to marry, it is critical that they create a prenuptial agreement that spells out their financial intentions, especially if either person has significant wealth.  
While lawyers will create the final legal document, there are often serious financial issues to be considered before legal drafting occurs.  It may be much more cost effective to negotiate the basic business points of the prenup before the lawyers are engaged.
Carol is expert in helping couples to articulate their financial concerns and drafting a prenup that is both loving and financially protective.
Sometimes, financial circumstances change dramatically after marriage, or trust builds over the years so that couples find they would like to change their original prenuptial agreement.  Or, they may not have created a prenup when they married, but would now like a document spelling out their financial intentions.  Carol can help couples draft a satisfying postnuptial agreement that will save significant time and money with lawyers.