Family Office Consulting

Pepper International helps families gain control over the large numbers of experts that must be employed to effectively manage wealth today. The firm has no set strategic relationships and therefore can create a completely customized solution for each family.


Review Existing Plans
The first step is a strategic review of the family's existing wealth management arrangements. This means understanding all of the vehicles that are in place to hold family wealth, reviewing the asset allocation of the existing investments, and analyzing all existing portfolios. In addition, all estate and tax planning is evaluated.
Understand Goals
It is important to get a clear understanding of the family's goals and plans. The existing wealth management structures are then analyzed to see how they compare to the best options available in the market today and against the family's goals.
Create a New Strategic Plan
Out of this process, a new strategic plan is created that integrates all of the major areas of wealth management: investment management, taxes, estate planning, philanthropy, next generation issues, and concierge services. The strategic plan is summarized in an investment policy statement.
Create Individual Plans
The overall plan includes an individual plan for each family member, including all children. The individual plans allow each family member to have his or her unique financial needs met, while maintaining an overall strategic plan that helps unite the entire family.