Impact Investing by Morgan Stanley
A Compendium of Insights and Recommendations for August 2013
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Common Financial Mistakes by Business Owners and Executives and How to Avoid Them
By Kimberly J. Fontenot : Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
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Alternative Latin Investor
Issue 13, Digital Flip Book, January, 2012

Pre-Liquidity Planning: Do it Now
By N. Todd Angkatavanich & Sean M. Aylwai'd, Estate Planning & Taxation Feature in Trusts & Estates, April 2010
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A Discussion of Some of the Differences between the Regulatory Requirements of Brokers and RIAs
By Knut A. Rostad, Chairman, The Committee for the Fiduciary Standard, March 10, 2010
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Overcoming Entitlement and Raising Responsible Next Generation Family Members
By Fredda Herz Brown and Dennis T. Jaffe, Relative Solutions LLC, June 2009
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Identifying and Meeting Core Needs in Wealthy Families
By Terry R. Hunt and William F. Messinger, Journal of Practical Estate Planning, April/May 2006
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