External CIO Services

Performance Measurement
Once investments have been made, it becomes critical to measure the performance of each on a monthly basis against the correct benchmark.  Pepper International helps selects the right benchmarks for clients and then helps constructed an overall customized benchmark the measure the entire portfolio against the right index.
Consolidated Reporting
Pepper International works with an independent organizations that specializes in creating consolidated performance reports for all investments. These reports are customized for each family. Families pay for this service directly, and may obtain a significant discount as Pepper International clients. Families receive monthly consolidated investment reports and detailed quarterly reviews that summarize all activities.
Online Document Storage
The external consolidated reporting companies used by Pepper International also provide families with online document storage.  This convenient service guarantees that all documents are accessible in an online format wherever the family is in the world and for many years to come, relieving the family of the obligation of large paper based files.