• Team Experience
    The team at Pepper and its associates have a combined experience of over 60 years in the investment management and trust business. There is no substitute for experience in this matter. This experience has led to creating a review process that is extremely helpful for Trustees to demonstrate that they are fulfilling their standard of care.

  • Proven Methodology
    The three Level Trust Investment Review Process gives Trustees a cost-effective way to comprehensively review trusts. Rather than measuring trusts against one another, the review process holds trusts up to a high, single global best practices standard, which is much more meaningful and important to protect Trustees from legal attack and beneficiaries from poor performance.

  • Rapid Problem Spotting
    For a nominal fee, the Level One Trust Investment Review rapidly spots problems that Trustees must pay attention to.  New trustees, trustees who are not investment professionals and trust protectors all need this vital information to fulfill their fiduciary duties. 

  • Multiple Levels of Reviews can Go Deep and Solve Problems
    It is not useful to only spot problems - it is critical to solve them. By offering Level Two and Level Three Trust Investment Reviews, Pepper International can take a trust portfolio with multiple problems to a restructured account that meets today’s best global trust practices. 

  • Help For Beneficiaries
    For the first time, Beneficiaries have a place to turn when they have concerns about the financial management of their trust. By requesting a Level One Trust Investment Review, a beneficiary can open the door to a constructive and meaningful dialogue with their trustees and trust protectors on the best way to handle concerns.