Pepper International was founded by Carol Pepper in 2001 to help families gain greater control over their wealth. Carol spent over 25 years in the wealth management industry, and based on her extensive experience, she came to believe that families should expect more from their experts. As a trusted advisor, she is guided by values that produce important benefits for her clients.

    The first duty of an investment management supervisor is to keep all client information in strict confidence. Pepper International acts directly and personally as a trusted investment management supervisor to its clients - maintaining absolute client confidentiality at all times.

    Pepper International provides advice, recommendations and oversight in all fields of investment management. Care is taken to ensure that each portfolio is managed according to its mandate and within the correct risk and asset allocation parameters. Pepper International reports its findings and recommendations regularly in a clear and coherent manner, thus ensuring its clients have complete clarity and assurance at all times.

    A trusted advisor can have no conflicts of interest with clients. Pepper International is paid only by its clients and in return gives them impartial advice and the oversight they seek. It does not receive reciprocal payments or inducements from other parties. This integrity of operations is essential for families, who can rest assured that Pepper International’s best interests are in complete harmony with their clients’ own best interests.

  • Pepper International also believes that:

  • Families and trustees must have full confidence in their investment management aspirations – by:
    • Receiving intelligible reports and synopses
    • Receiving tailored reports to suit the families’ own specific circumstances
    • Receiving consolidated reports of different investment managers
    • Knowing that the investment guidelines / parameters are being monitored
    • Knowing that the investment performance and benchmarks are being scrutinised
    • Knowing that risks are being analysed and monitored
    • Knowing that existing investment plans are critically analysed and inspected for loose language
  • Families and should be able to align their values and interests completely with their investment management expectations
    • Families should be able to express their values and interests to their investment advisors and receive plans and reviews that reflect those values
    • Families should be able to understand their investments and plans after explanations from the experts
    • Families have a right to expect honesty, integrity and transparency from their expert advisors